You can leverage the property you own

Mortgage and Debt Consolidation

Is it overwhelming trying to find the right loan for your property?

Mortgage Loan: You can leverage the property you own to avail either additional finances when you need it or to purchase new property. From property mortgage to long term loans through enchasing rental cash flow, there are thousands of different mortgage loan options available in Australia, and it is often hard to know which one is best for your needs.

Fixed and variable rates might be the greatest differentiation between mortgage types, but there are a host of specialized products designed for different circumstances. While first-time buyers might not need all of these – it’s difficult to see why they might require a reverse mortgage, for example. It’s worth knowing the details of, when you come across them during your research.

Types of Mortgage Finance.
There are many types of home finance options including:
  • Variable or fixed interest rate home loans.
  • No deposit home loans, where you can use equity or a family pledge, etc.
  • Low doc home loans, if you are self employed.
  • Line of credit.
  • Debt Consolidation.

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