Risk Management

Secure your life by having insurance

Risk Management and Insurance

Managing risk is at the heart of everything we do. Strategic risk management can not only protect you from possible loss or disaster, it can enhance the efficiency and wealth-building potential of your other assets.

You've worked hard to build your business. You need strategies that work just as hard to protect it.

Protection is the foundation on which we build your financial future. We'll discuss strategies which address the transfer of risk, indemnification for loss, certainty, predictability, and guarantees. Many of our clients significantly improve their risk management strategies without impacting cash flow.

Protecting what you've built gives you a strong foundation and the confidence to make all your financial decisions from a position of strength.
Facing our mortality is difficult. Facing the reality and possibility that bad things can happen to good people is also hard. However, facing this difficult truth is essential in building a secure financial future for you and your loved ones.
The first step is to recognize what financial risks you face and determine whether or not you are prepared to handle those risks.
A successful risk management program includes answering several questions:
What happens if you/your…
  • Become ill or injured?
  • Are in a car accident?
  • Get old and need care?
  • Should die unexpectedly?
  • Lose your income ?
  • Are totally and permanently disabled?
  • Are diagnosed with a major illness?
  • Business partner dies unexpectedly?

  • To minimize unexpected financial burdens, everyone should develop their own individual Risk Management Plan and confirm they are adequately protected. Risk reduction strategies often involve using various forms of insurance to protect themselves from downside risk.

    Insurance transfers the financial risk of life's events to an insurance company. A sound insurance strategy can help protect your family from the financial consequences of such events. A strategy can include personal insurance, liability insurance, and life insurance. We make it easy to insure your property with home, landlord and strata insurance, your possessions with contents, car and vehicle insurance, and your family's future with business, income, life and health insurance. While we can't promise you'll never have an incident, we're here to make life simpler if you do.

    Life Insurance

    Secure your life by having Life Insurance

    Life Insurance can help ease your worries that your loved ones will be taken care of and may not have to deal with the financial strain that could arise from you no longer being around. It pays a lump sum in the event of the death of an insured person or if the insured person is diagnosed with a terminal illness or an advanced terminal illness.

    Total & Permanent Disability Insurance

    Secure your life by having Life Insurance

    It pays a lump sum in the event that the insured person becomes dependent or is unlikely to work again, perform household duties again or suffers a loss of ability due to a permanent disability.

    Income Protection Insurance

    It is important to secure income by having insurance.

    It pays a monthly benefit to replace a portion of the insured person’s monthly earnings if they're unable to work due to sickness or injury.

    Trauma Insurance

    Secure your life by having Life Insurance

    It pays a lump sum in the event that the insured person suffers from a specified medical event such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc. This is also referred to as Critical Illness Insurance

    Business Expense Insurance

    Protect yourself and your business.

    Protect yourself and your business against claims for negligent acts, which cause personal injury and/or property damage to others with Public Liability Insurance.

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