Financial Planning

Your current financial position is a key
factor in your Financial Plan.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the long-term process of efficiently managing your finances so you can achieve your life’s goals and dreams. This process also includes negotiating financial hurdles that arise in various stages of life. Financial Planning is a process, not a product.

Your current financial position is a key factor in your Financial Plan. It is essential to understand where you are today before you can begin your financial journey to where you would like to be. Your net-worth statement and income statement are essential financial planning tools that help to:

  • Checking progress towards financial goals.
  • Planning for changes in assets or liabilities.
  • Estimation of how long dependent survivors would be able to live on their current inheritance
  • Estimation of retirement income potential
  • Charting financial progress over the years.

  • It is recommended to annually assess net-worth and whenever there is a major change in assets and/or liabilities.

    Financial Plan Six-Step Process


    Establishing and defining the client relationship.

    Establishing and defining the client relationship.  At this point, you will determine the level of service required.  A client asset management agreement will be completed.

    Gathering data and defining goals. 

    Gathering data and defining goals.  Together, we will define your needs, wants, and wishes.

    Analyzing and evaluating your financial status.

    Analyzing and evaluating your financial status.  This is where we start to put the plan together.

    Develop recommendations.

    We will explore options and the rationale for our decisions.  At this stage, we will listen to any concerns you have and revise our recommendations based on our concerns.


    Implementing recommendations.


    We will meet periodically to review progress and to make any necessary adjustments to our plan.

    The accurate sort of financial advice can truly make a big difference. Financial advice can provide you confidence that your upcoming plans are achievable.
    If you're not on the exact path to achieving your objectives, it can aid you put the precise strategies in place, or come up with more reasonable goals.

    Provide Financial Product Advice

  • Life Products
  •          -Investment Life Insurance Products
        -Life Risk Insurance Products (Personal protection such as Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma/Income protection)
  • Deposit and Payment Products
         -Deposit and Payment Products
         - Non-basic Deposit Products
  • Government Debentures, Stocks or Bonds
  • Managed Investment Schemes, including IDPS
  • Retirement Savings Account Products
  • Securities
  • Superannuation
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